Offers & Prices

“Offers & Pricehome visits can also be booked. Please inquire by email.

Personal advice and initial consultation in the areas of Ba Zi reading, Feng Shui consulting,  health, nutrition, stress reduction, energy blockages, smoking cessation, weight loss, etc.

All initial sessions include a personal consultation.

about 10 minutes    FREE

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Ba Zi Reading    128,88€ p/reading

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Yi Jing Gua         128,88 p/reading

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Feng Shui Consulting        288,88€ p/hour

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Daoist Healing Ritual (Ceremony)    269,88€ p/Person

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Taiji Zheng Gu   100€ p/treatment approx. 30min

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Energy Transmission (Ling Qi) 160€ p/treatment approx. 20min

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Distance Energy Transmission (Ling Qi) 160€ p/treatment

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