Ba Guan cupping

“Ba Guan CuppingSmall glasses on the skin are supposed to release tension and relieve pain by means of negative pressure. The process has been known for thousands of years

The vessels are made of glass, spherical with a circular opening and a diameter of three to six centimeters. Outwardly, they resemble bells. As unbelievable as it may sound, these instruments are used to treat pain. To do this, the therapist places the opening on specific points on the skin. There they are supposed to stimulate blood circulation and exert healing powers on the body with the help of negative pressure – generated by heating or sucking out the air inside the balls.

Help against pain and tension

Many people find the treatment beneficial. Because muscle tension is released, you feel relief from pain, tiredness or stress. Cupping can also help with colds with coughing, menstrual cramps and back problems. Circular bruises remain on the skin.

Areas of application for cupping:

– Tension
– General pain
– Low blood pressure
– Digestive problems
– Back pain
– Increased circulation
Cupping massage:
The goal of the cupping massage is

Break down FAT by stimulating the metabolism, blood circulation and lymph

WRINKLES reduce through cell regeneration and cell renewal

FIGURE shapely cupping by breaking down toxins in the connective tissue
The cupping massage according to you

of cellulite, bags under the eyes and double chin, through the strongly stimulated blood circulation and depth effect,

from all slag and fat deposits that you cannot get rid of even with the best care and sport.

Skin and tissue tightened and

activates all metabolic processes that guarantee the desired result.

What does the cupping massage do?

breaks down fat deposits and body weight

detoxifies and purifies

tightens skin and tissue

tightens sagging abdominal and breast tissue

builds cellulite, ?saddlebags? and ?widow’s hump? completely off

Stretch marks become almost invisible

visibly reduces wrinkles, double chins and bags under the eyes

Impure skin becomes clear, beautiful skin

Excess skin (after pregnancy or being overweight) is cupped away

creates an acid/base balance

promotes blood circulation

suppresses scars and beautifies the scar pattern

stimulates the entire body metabolism

stimulates digestion and elimination

renews the cells and breaks down slag deposits

the connective tissue becomes shapely and elastic

stimulates the lymph flow

strengthens the immune system

transports acidic waste products and body fluids away

reflex stimulation and harmonization of the internal organs

increases the tone and elasticity of the skin, tissue and muscles

You get your ideal figure
What is the overall result of the cupping massage according to SPT?

The success is visible, noticeable and tangible after just a few days.
Man/woman feels comfortable in his/her skin again.
You are fully motivated to become active at all levels.
Everyday tasks are much easier and more lively.
The figure and face becomes shapely and has a healthy complexion.
You will be rewarded with well-being, health and beauty!

A notice:

Not allowed to be cupped:

in thrombosis, cancer or tumor diseases, inflammation, infections,

fever, cramps, tendency to bleed, open wounds and burns,

pregnancy and during breastfeeding.