Ba Zi – Horoscope

Do you want to find out why so much misfortune is happening to you at the moment?

Or when you can expect a winning streak to act accordingly?

The Chinese birth horoscope of the Ba Zi八字, the Eight Signs, based on the centuries-old 六十甲子 calendar of the 60s cycle, can show you the auspicious influences and negative effects on people very precisely.

Man and his destiny are influenced by the environment on a daily basis. The stars and planets have played an important role since ancient times and can affect our lives positively or negatively. Knowing when to be lucky and successful is just as important as knowing when to back off to prevent worse.

A little explanation:

Everyone is born under a different star. The stars influence everyone. That’s why some people often get lucky, seemingly without doing anything about it. Others, on the other hand, are often unlucky and don’t know why. There are people who have been good all their lives and yet a great misfortune unexpectedly happens to them. There are also bad people who, despite their lifestyle, always walk on the sunny side of life. Knowing that external influences can increase, weaken, create and control our good and bad luck, we can manipulate the influences through certain measures

When times are bad, we wait and prepare, so when times are good we can bounce back. Knowing when one is lucky or unlucky gives us the opportunity to adapt and thus always be able to take positive advantage of every situation.

Ba Zi八字, the Eight Signs, are the individual natal pillars (四桩) used to determine the Chinese birth chart.

You will learn in which periods of your life you have a high potential for happiness, wealth, career opportunities, relationships, etc., and in which times you should hold back.

The date and the right time for marriage, business, founding a company, opening a business, undertakings, travel, etc. depend on the personal pillars of birth.

For your personal horoscope we only need your date of birth (if possible with time) and place of birth.

You will receive within 24 hours. Your personal birth chart will be sent to you via email.

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