The Meridian System


“The Meridian Systemenergy channels


Since the time of the legendary Yellow Emperor, the knowledge and experience of the Meridia system has been developed and refined in Chinese medicine. Qi flows through this network of energy channels, which stretches across the entire body, like the long and wide lines on earth, and can be manipulated in the event of illnesses so that healing occurs. The points on it can be treated with the help of fine needles or by massage. The ancient Daoists believed that free-flowing energy keeps the body healthy and that blockages cause disease. Practices have been developed to support the flow of energy and prevent blockages.

The 12 main meridians 

A day is divided into twelve units and each unit is two hours. Each of these twelve units is connected to an organ. Each organ is connected to a respective meridian pair, which have their energy high at certain day/night times and, accordingly, also have an energy low. The organs are divided into yang and yin organs, which are also each connected to the 5 elements. This knowledge helps practitioners to adjust their practice to the times. The energy flows once a day through all 12 main meridians and jumps from one to the other. This is also called the great heavenly cycle. A practitioner can also practice this cycle consciously.


Organ Time Yin/Yang 5Elements


Gallbladder 23-1h Yang wood

liver 1-3h yin wood

Lung 3-5h Yin Metal

Large intestine 5-7h yang metal

Stomach 7-9h Yang Earth

Spleen 9-11h Yin Earth

Heart 11-13h Yin Fire

Small intestine 13-15h yang fire

Bubble 15-17h yang water

kidney 17-19h yin water

Pericardium 19-21h Yin Fire

Triple heater 21-23h Yang fire


The 8 unpaired meridians


These unpaired meridians are so called because they mostly lie on the body axes and therefore do not occur in pairs. These meridians have a great influence on certain areas of the body and can be treated in support of the main meridians. It should be mentioned that the Dai Mai wraps around the lower abdomen like a belt and hence its name belt vessel. The Ren Mai and Du Mai form a circuit on the vertical central axis of the body, with the help of which practitioners can practice the so-called small heavenly circuit. By circulating the Qi in this circuit and opening certain points on it, you will be able to transform your body and strengthen the Original Qi.


Unpaired meridians and areas of the body they affect:

Chong Mai – Yang Qiao inside legs, abdomen, stomach, chest, heart

Du Mai – Yin Wei Back, back legs, neck, head, spine, eyes, brain

Dai Mai – Yang Wei outside legs, shoulders, side of body and neck

Ren Mai – Yin Qiao abdomen, chest, lungs, neck, face